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    A Nutritious Coffee Alternative

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  • Wild Harvested Siberian Chaga Extract

    Superfood & Super Herbal Tonic for Modern Life


    Chaga has been consumed by Siberian tribes for generations, for its life enhancing and energy boosting properties. Harvested from wild birch trees growing in the Siberian forests, this unique medicinal mushroom is fast becoming one of the most potent immune boosting superfoods and longevity health tonics.


    Our wild crafted Siberian Chaga, goes through a water extraction process, making a biologically active extract, that can be easily absorbed by the body, providing all of its potent medicinal, nutrient rich goodness

    strengthening our immunity.

    Chaga constitutes perhaps the greatest storehouse of medicinal healing properties of any single mushroom or any herb.


    That’s why we call our Wild Chaga Extract, a complex, natural, living pharmacy, full of nature's chemistry that we now need to thrive in our stressful modern world.


    Our client’s are experiencing major health benefits in a short space of time ranging from deeper sleep, greater energy, better digestion, healthier skin, less aches and pains, coping with stress as well as personal and spiritual growth which creates ease and a greater sense of wellbeing.


    Many are using Chaga as a coffee alternative due to its similar taste, texture but without the adrenal stress and sugar imbalance that coffee can cause.


    We are excited to share with you this unique, incredible wild gift of nature for the benefit of Humankind.


    Join us on the journey to radiant health and transformation. Stay Wild.

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    Raw Wild Harvested Siberian Chaga Medicinal Tree Mushroom

    (Inonotus obliquus)

    Chaga Health Benefits

    Chaga is a unique healing alkaline raw superfood, the perfect food supplement for people who want to optimise their health and prevent disease.

    By drinking Wild Chaga extract daily you will be ingesting biologically active nutrients that are crucial for your health and vitality. Chaga is the ultimate daily "tonic" for health and wellbeing, energising our vital body systems.

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    IMMUNITY Booster

    Chaga is a well known potent Immune boosting tonic that strengthens the immune system to fight infection, disease and maintain our health. Chaga is a powerful adaptogen that modulates your immune response to restore balance, while at the same time reducing the effects of stress. Chaga has an innate intelligence that seems to respond to each persons individual needs.

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    Taking Chaga Extract daily, gives an instant boost to your energy levels, increasing stamina, strength and endurance - to help you meet the demands of modern day living. 

    Chaga increases cellular respiration and increases oxygenation and circulation of the blood and with its brain boosting properties Chaga brings greater mental clarity and focus to your life.

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    Black foods, such as, Chaga Extract boost our inherited storehouse of vital energy known as “Jing”, which holds the power to actually influence our life span. 

    Wild Chaga Extract has the highest concentration of the black pigment Melanin, which is a powerful anti-ageing, antioxidant nutrient,

    that has been shown to protect genes and regenerate our DNA.

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    Chaga contains one of the highest concentrations of the “youth molecule” Superoxide dismutase SOD, a powerful antioxidant that slows down degeneration and increases longevity by moping up free radicals.

    Chaga has one of the highest antioxidant levels, after cacao, for protecting our cells from oxidative stress.

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    CLEANSE and Revitalise

    Chaga has been used for hundreds of years as a digestive tonifier, for internal cleansing and detoxification of the liver, the blood, intestines, colon, kidney’s, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, yeast and fungal infections.

    This raw alkaline superfood benefits the whole body.

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    BEAUTY from within

    Chaga is packed with the skin youthening polysaccharides known as Beta Glucans that promote glowing skin and hair through their regenerative and protective effects on skin. Coupled with the nutrient Betulin (which Chaga concentrates from birch trees with birch products now being used in skin preparations) and the powerful antioxidant nutrient Melanin needed for the preservation and protection of our skin from the ageing effects of UV radiation and free radicals, we have in Chaga a powerful natural beauty booster.

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    Deep SLEEP

    Chaga is very effective in promoting a deep nights sleep, not only duration but quality of sleep.This is due to the high concentrations of melanin which produce the deep sleep hormone melatonin. Many of our clients report how much deeper they are sleeping. It is in this deep sleep state that our bodies can regenerate and repair.            Awakening refreshed and ready to go.

  • Wild Chaga Mushroom Extract Nutrition

    The most complete superfood on the Planet

    Potent Biologically Active Nutrients

    Superoxide Dismutase Antioxidant

    Protecting cells against free radicals: anti-ageing


    Sleep, body clock , skin beautifier , UV protection, Genoprotective, repairs DNA, energy booster

    Beta Glucans

    Activates and modulates the immune system-powerful Adaptogen. Reduces blood sugar

    Minerals- Highly alkaline food

    Calcium, Cesium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium,

    Phosphorus, Rubidium, Silicon & Sulphur.


    Vit K, Vit D2, Vit B2

    Vit D -new skin, helping control psoriasis

    Trace Minerals

    Antimony, Barium, Bismuth, Boron, Chromium, Copper, Germanium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc


    Betulin and Betulinic acid

    Anti-tumour agents, antioxidant, cholesterol lowering


    Lanosterol, Inotodiol, anti-viral, anti-cancer


    Adaptogenic: lower LDL cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants

    215 Phyto-Glyco Nutrients

    Support organs and body system functions

  • How to prepare and enjoy our Wild Chaga Extract

    Our Chaga extract has been described as, "Stars in a jar". It's a fine black powder that resembles coffee and immediately dissolves in hot or cold water.

    Chaga tastes rich and deep and is the perfect alternative to coffee as it has the same texture but with no caffeine.

    You can mix Chaga with milk, cream or if you are vegan with almond or coconut milk.

    Our Chaga is extremely versatile and can be blended with your favourite fruits or greens for healthy detox smoothies or added to soups. 

    Our favourite is Chaga with raw cacao, creating a delicious super antioxidant treat.

    Chaga Coffee

    Superfood latte

    Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon Chaga extract  to 200ml of hot water The perfect way to enjoy this non-caffeinated, nutritious alternative to coffee.

    Add milk, or have it black sweeten to taste.

    Cha​ga Choco Latte

    1 tsp Chaga

    2 tsp raw Cacao powder

    2 tsp Coconut sugar

    1/3 cup Almond milk

    1/3 hot water Cinnamon


    Dissolve the Chaga, Cacao powder and coconut sugar in the hot water. Warm the almond milk and froth. Pour onto the Chaga mixture and sprinkle with





    Chaga​ Superfood Bullet

    1tsp Chaga

    1tsp Coconut oil

    .1tsp unsalted butter


    Mix the Chaga extract with 200ml of hot water.

    Place in a blender with the coconut oil & butter. Pour into your favourite cup, relax & enjoy the benefits of this dairy free alternative to coffee.


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    Creamy Chaga Coffee

    1tsp Chaga extract

    200ml hot water

    1tbs cream


    Dissolve the Chaga extract in hot water & pour on double cream.

    A real treat.


  • Real Experiences of Wild Chaga



    Melanie Williams


    The trusted ,highly potent source of Wild Siberian Chaga from Wild Pharmacy is now one of my top 2 essentials in my food cupboard as a multi-dimensional aid to the demands of modern living !




    Chaga has really helped with my digestion and sleep. I am taking Chaga now in a medicinal manner - when I feel the need for some physical or spiritual support.




    I have been taking Chaga now for two weeks and have noticed a big improvement in quality of sleep and better digestion.

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    Since taking Chaga as a coffee substitute - which has a great flavour without any other additions - my wife has noticed that I am far more likely to react positively to a stressful situation. I have also noticed that I am sleeping more deeply; this has been the situation for around the last two weeks, which is when I started on Chaga. Heartily recommend Chaga!

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    I feel good after my chaga drink. It seems to clear my head in some way - makes me feel sharp. I'll endeavor to have two cups a day from now on.

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    I was drawn to chaga for physical health reasons but actually found that it precipitated what felt like a subtle shift in consciousness. I found myself slightly removed from the daily dramas of life, This led to what I can only describe as an inner giggling!

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    Dr Lulu Preston


    I got a Nutribullet for Christmas, and in January decided to go for my 5-a-day. I’d seen a lot of recipes that recommended flax seeds and all sorts of pulses and grains as a healthy natural detox, and my partner had heard about Chaga so I tried that as well. As an additive, along with chia seeds and wheatgrass powder, Chaga gives you a real morning energy boost. It’s also very high in antioxidants so it’s very cleansing. It’s part of my daily routine now and I feel a lot healthier in my skin, digestion and energy levels... especially after hitting the booze and chocolates hard over Christmas and New Year.

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    Andrew Walker


    To be honest I’m pretty skeptical about superfoods in general, I always think a balanced diet should be enough for decent health. However, like many people who think that I also drink too much coffee and alcohol, and eat pizza. I’ve also suffered with insomnia for years, ever since my children were babies, my sleep never really recovered. I tried Chaga (it was recommended to me by the team at Wild Pharmacy) and it pretty much cured the insomnia straight away. I had a teaspoon in hot water, like a large espresso, about an hour before bed and it worked a treat. I’d recommend it.

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    Haroulla Epiphaniou


    Chaga is supportive on so many levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. This amazing Super food was life changing for me. Chaga seems to have the ability to balance your systems where needed and rid the body of inflammation. This is powerful medicine under natural law.

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    Joe Roberts


    I don't do chaga often but when I do maybe once a week as a coffee, I love it. It Energises me and also grounds me, it has an earthy quality and taste too despite it's cosmic appearance. I Love the Latte with coconut sugar too!

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    I am loving the Chaga. My evening cuppa has become a bit of a ritual. So simple to make – I drink mine with hot water, honey, cocoa, pinch of salt, and sprinkle of cinnamon. It tastes delish and looks divine. I never imagined it would be so sparkly – this stuff really is amazing!

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    Damian Surowiec


    Really surprised with the flavour of chaga extract with milk. Tastes very similar to coffee without the bitter side of it

  • Experience Wild Chaga Now


  • Source

    100% Wild Harvested Siberian Chaga Extract 

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    Siberian Wilderness

    Wild Harvested

    Our Wild Chaga is harvested from the unspoilt Siberian wilderness in the Northern Irkutsk area of Russia. Temperatures can reach -50 which is perfect for Chaga to grow in. Wild Chaga grows on Silver birch trees, concentrating the rich nutrients from trees, creating a powerful healing synergy between mushroom and tree. With the struggle to survive in such harsh conditions, much like the Siberian people, the Chaga and the birch tree are unique in their ability to adapt to such a cold climate. Our Wild Chaga is full of light energy; bathed and energised in solar winds and imbued with clear, strong sunlight from the unpolluted sky making our wild Chaga raw, organic, potent and full of Life Force.


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    Siberian Tribes

    The ostyaks

    For centuries indigenous Siberian tribes have used Chaga as a food; in stews, soups and drinks; a medicinal nutritious tonic; kindling for fire starting and a treatment for skin. Where Wild Chaga is drunk there is a lower incidence of cancer and people look much younger and live much longer, some over a 100!.

    Since the 12th Century Russian chronicles have documented the fortifying and purifying properties of Chaga. Ever since then Siberians have continued to praise its many healing properties calling Chaga “A Gift form God”.

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    Siberian Wild Chaga 


    Wild Pharmacy work one of the biggest manufacturers of Chaga in Russia for over 20 years.

    They only use wild grown chaga direct form source and the parts of the chaga with the highest concentration of biologically active nutrients. We found that our wild chaga extract had the greatest life force compared with other chaga on the market and with the highest chromogenic complex value.

    100% wildgrown, wild harvested Siberian Chaga extract-nothing else. Sustainably sourced, perfectly crafted and extracted.

  • Why choose Wild Chaga Extract over Chaga tea?

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    Wild Chaga

    In order to benefit from all the incredible nutrients Wild Chaga contains, the wild harvested chaga mushroom has to undergo a process of extraction.

    Water is used for extraction and for every 1kg of concentrated premium chaga extract we use 8kg of wild chaga. Only chaga that grows on birch in the wild has the raw therapeutic potency to provide health benefits to humanity:

    100 % pure wild chaga grown in the untamed wild birch forests of Siberia.

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    Raw Chaga

    Raw chaga chunks on the other hand cannot be absorbed by the body and chaga tea although supporting overall health does not have the therapeutic power and not enough concentration of the biologically active nutrients that our Wild Chaga extract has.


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    Chaga Extract

    The black diamond chaga extract that is created becomes biologically active due to the concentration and release of nutrients, which can then be easily absorbed by the body to provide its health benefits.

    Extraction releases the Antioxidant power of Chaga giving our Wild Chaga an incredibly high ORAC score of 39,979

    In addition our Wild Chaga has the highest Chromogenic complex value of 57% which is the most important indicator of the quality of the chaga.

    This is Premium grade Chaga Extract.



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    About Chaga 

    How often do you take Chaga extract?

    The recommended dose is 1 tsp flat (which is 1g of extract) twice a day with 200ml of hot or cold water. You can add honey to sweeten, milk or cream. We take ours in the morning as an alternative to coffee and then in the afternoon we have a chaga raw chocolate.

    You will get a feel for what your body needs.

    Our manufacturers recommend up to 5g a day (1tsp x 5 times a day) if you have more serious health problems.


    Does your Chaga extract have any side effects?

    Our chaga is safe, taken in the recommended dose. There have been no adverse effects to date.

    What we have noticed in some people when they first start taking chaga they can experience some detox symptoms such as slight headaches or bowel movements. Please ensure you drink plenty of water after drinking chaga and also start slowly and build up with the dose (take 1/2 tsp) so your body get's used to it.

    Can you take Chaga everyday?

    Chaga is classed as a food supplement and can be taken daily by young and old as a super tonic. Your body will not become dependent on it although when you feel the benefits to your health and immune system you will want to take chaga everyday. We have created many great chaga recipes that make it a real pleasure to take chaga.

    Does Chaga have any contra indications?

    Chaga is contraindicated while taking Penicillin and may react with some blood thinners (rare cases have been reported). Consult with your physician or health care practitioner before use.

    Can Chaga be used in pregnancy?

    We recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to taking chaga extract if you are pregnant or breast feeding. 

    What is the science behind Chaga?

    Chaga has been heavily scientifically researched particularly in Russia and Asia as well as taken by local people for centuries. To view various studies please click here science of chaga

    You may also wish to view scientific advisor and energy medicine specialist Dr. Karl Maret talking about the science and natural benefits of Wildcrafted Siberian International Chaga extract here on YouTube

    I've heard a lot about Chaga being used for Cancer?

    Chaga's use for cancer treatment was made famous by the Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn novel The Cancer Ward. The Russian people have honoured Chaga for centuries for it's cancer fighting and protection properties. The Medical Academy of Science in Moscow in 1955 approved Chaga for public use for cancer treatment. Chaga mushroom is also being used as an anticancer treatment in Korea and Japan. There are many invitro studies looking at the components of Chaga on their anticancer anti tumour effects. 

    Obviously we cannot recommend chaga for cancer treatment- you need to consult your doctor and your intuition. Chaga will help boost your immune system so could be worthwhile to take as part of your holistic health strategy.

    Is Siberian Chaga better than other Chaga's from other parts of the world?

    Yes Siberian wild chaga has more biologically active substances compared with other chaga's and we have found the extract to be more potent with a greater life force.

    Does your chaga extract contain any caffeine?

    No our Wild Chaga extract contains no caffeine and makes it a perfect alternative to coffee. 

    Is your Chaga Extract suitable for a vegan diet?

    Absolutely -Chaga Extract is perfect for a vegan, raw, gluten free, dairy free diet

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